Terms and Conditions

Sweet Harmony Holistic Healing

Terms and Conditions 
Please carefully read and ensure you fully understand the following terms and conditions before committing yourself to any of the beauty treatments and services that we provide as part of Sweet Harmony Holistic Healing service:


Client Booking
You can book through the online booking system, bank transfer or via the website. Sweet Harmony Holistic Healing only accepts pre-pay payments.
Once booked online please get in contact with me and provide your name, treatment booking time and address.

Reclamation Massage Therapy is a one-person practice, and as such, I am often unable to take or return phone calls. For the quickest response, please send me a text or an email.

Prior to appointment, I will request our client to advise if feeling unwell. Sweet Harmony Holistic Healing clients are requested to complete a consultation form prior the treatment.
During appointment Therapist is to wash hands upon your arrival, before and after treatment. The therapist will clean and disinfect products, equipment/s and surfaces after each client treatment.

Disposable massage table paper, Towels, etc will be disinfected, washed and used for each clientz


Your health and the therapist duty of care to you
In order for the therapist to advise suitable and safe treatments you should inform the therapist at the time of booking your appointment of any; allergies, health issues or medical conditions that the therapist needs to be aware of, including pregnancy.
You agree to a full consultation to be done by the therapist prior to your first session to assess your suitability. Treatment will not be provided unless you complete and sign the consultation form document. Full treatment fee will be charged.
Please note that some treatments will require a patch test 48 hours before the treatment. If you suffer from any kind of adverse effects after applying the patch test then we will not be able to provide the requested treatment.

Please note; We have strict medical safety guidelines for all treatments.

Please note that in some cases the therapist may not be able to treat you unless you provide your doctor’s written consent. We may not be able to see you If you have any current medical conditions;

If you are in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
If you are taking any prescribed medication
If you have any heart conditions - including high blood pressure
If you have sunburn
If you have diabetes


Mobile Service 
If the session is to take place in your home you should ensure that there is enough room for the treatments to be carried out, particularly when large equipment is required, such as a massage table.
You should ensure that access to your premises is adequate to enable the therapist to transport the necessary equipment. Please be advised if access to your home or venue is via stairs without the use of a lift it may not be possible to carry out the appointment. All massage, facial and waxing treatments must be carried out in a room that doesn't require stairs to get to.
Please let us know if you have any pets prior to your appointment booking.


Do I need to provide anything for the mobile service appointment?
Please remove eye makeup before facial or eye treatments. Provide a minimum on 3 clean medium/large towels. Wash your hands prior to commencement.
You should ideally wear loose fitting clothes or a bath robe if you wish. You should also remove necklaces and earrings prior to having massages or facials, and if you have long hair you should put your hair up in a hair band before having your massage.
The therapist may need access to hot water as well as being able to use chairs and tables in your house also access to an electrical socket. You agree for the therapist to use these as necessary to provide the treatments. The therapist will ensure adequate care of your property, i.e. coaster or a covering to cover your table.
Please allow time for treatment set up, unpacking and packing of equipment. You should note that the therapist may arrive a few minutes early in order to set up any relevant equipment for your treatment.


Payment Methods and Deposits
Payment can be made by cash or online. Please note that there is a minimum per visit call out charge of at least £60.00 of treatments.


Transport costs
Treatments required to travel will be carried out with an additional charge of £15.00 to cover travelling time, the congestion charge, petrol and/or parking.


Group Booking Fee (Bridal/Party packages)
For group bookings of four (4) or more people will require an advance booking fee of 100% of the proposed treatments ordered for the appointment. This booking fee will only be refunded if at least a one weeks’ notice prior to the appointment has been given by you of cancellation.


Cancellation Policy
You should give at least 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your appointment. You can reschedule the appointment. Appointments cancelled within 48 hours’ notice will incur the full cost of the treatments.


Cancellation by therapist
In the unlikely event that the therapist cannot make a confirmed appointment due to illness or unforeseen circumstances Sweet Harmony Holistic Healing will issue you a full refund if applicable or reschedule the appointment.


Gift Voucher 
Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months unless otherwise stated. They are non-refundable. Please have your gift voucher with you for the appointment. The cancellation policy still applies to gift vouchers.


Reclamation Massage Therapy has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment of any kind, including but not limited to solicitations for extras, suggestive comments, or inappropriate touch. Should you choose to engage in such behaviour, the session will be immediately terminated, you will be charged in full for your appointment, and you will be banned from booking further appointments. Authorities will be contacted for severe offenses.


Prenatal Massage
Pregnancy massage requires a different and specific set of techniques that I do not offer at the moment. If you’re expecting, I am unable to provide you with massage therapy. I encourage pregnant people to seek out a massage therapist who specializes in prenatal massage.


Cancer Massage
Much like prenatal massage, massage for folks who are experiencing cancer requires a different and specific set of techniques that I do not offer yet. If you are currently diagnosed with cancer, I encourage you to seek out a massage therapist who specializes in oncology massage.

Enjoy your treatment!


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